• PSA - 2019/180
  • Our Entry has closed for this event. Thank you for your Participation

Payment & Entry fees

For Foreign Entrants (Outside INDIA)

For INDIAN Entrants

$30 for any 2 Sections Rs. 2200 for any 2 Sections
$40 for any 3 Sections Rs. 2950 for all 3 Sections
$50 for any 4 Sections Rs. 3700 for all 4 Sections
$60 for all 5 Sections Rs. 4450 for all 5 Sections

All payments must be made via PAYPAL only to PayPal id: homeruncircuit@gmail.com

FOR ANY QUERY, please mail us at homeruncircuit@gmail.com

N.B.: (Submissions without Entry Fee is not allowed. IRC/cheque/money deposits not allowed)